Genoa. From The 1970s to the present day

 Giannini, Ottavio

 Changes and perspectives of human mobilities in euro-Mediterranean area (Documentary)

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Type d'activités : Documentaire

Format : Vidéo

Durée en mn : 00:34:24

Langue : Français

Discipline : Sociologie

Domaines d'intérêt : Immigration - Emigration; Mobilités; Urbain; Globalisation

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Couverture géographique : Italie; Gênes

Couverture chronologique : XXIe siècle

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Genoa : Documentary

These video-notes are the first stage of a documentary on the transformation undergone by the city of Genoa from the 1970s to the present day.

Similar transformations can be seen in other major cities in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The documentary interviews have been collected against the backdrop of the development of neo-liberalism and the subsequent globalization.

Given the vastness of the subject, the themes treated in these notes are just a part of the chapters that will make up the final product. Interviews alternate with repertoire material and images of the city in its present state, in a classical documentary style. This structure is not representative of the final documentary. The DVD is based on interviews with social actors that have lived through/endured the second major transformation. These notes are a work-in-progress made up of miscellaneous material, location studies of city neighborhoods and interviews with people that an emblematic of the way the city has changed. This video-research is therefore to be considered an "open" film: it can be changed or re-modeled, new parts can be added. However, given the few economic and structural resources available for research today and the scanty attention enjoyed by the ethnographic documentary, especially in Italy, it may prove impossible to finish this project. These notes have been edited and structured (using a didactic/popular language) so that they can also function as a final product.


 Giannini, Ottavio, Genoa. From The 1970s to the present day ,
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